Staff Directory

French Language Monitor

Photo of Mme. Aline Chow

Mme. Aline Chow

Office Administration

Photo of Brooke Lattik

Mrs. Brooke Lattik

Office Administrator

Phone: 780-594-1404

Photo of Stephanie Tkachuk

Mrs. Stephanie Tkachuk

Office Administrator

Phone: 780-594-1404

School Administration

Photo of Andrea Farrell

Mrs. Andrea Farrell


Photo of Rose Lapointe

Mme Rose Lapointe

Assistant Principal

Student Advocacy Counsellor

Photo of Mimi Greengrass

Mrs. Mimi Greengrass



Photo of Jennifer Cardinal

Mrs. Jennifer Cardinal

ECS English

Photo of Holly Sutherland

Mrs. Holly Sutherland

Grade 1

Photo of Madison Strong

Ms. Madison Strong

Grade 4

Photo of Alicia Mudge

Mrs. Alicia Mudge

Grade 2

Photo of Leanne Varughese

Mrs. Leanne Varughese

Grade 9

Photo of Zennon Szabo

Mr. Zennon Szabo

Grade 7/8 ZS

Photo of Rose Lapointe

Mme Rose Lapointe

Junior High Science

Photo of Leanne Swansburg

Mrs. Leanne Swansburg

Grade 7/8 LS

Photo of Donovan Pinsky

Mr. Donovan Pinsky

Grade 6

Photo of Emily Blackmore

Mrs. Emily Blackmore

Grade 3

Photo of Megan Ricketts

Mrs. Megan Ricketts

Grade 5

French Immersion

Photo of Britta Behrens

Mme Britta Behrens

Grade 1/2 French

Photo of Shelley Schapansky

Mme Shelley Schapansky

Grade 3/4 French

Photo of Erika Becotte

Mme Erika Becotte

ECS French AM

Photo of Shauna Muskego

Mme Shauna Muskego

Grade 5/6 French

Educational Assistants

Photo of Arletta Ahenakew

Mrs. Arletta Ahenakew

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sylvie Gagnon

Mme Sylvie Gagnon

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sara Hogan

Mrs. Sara Hogan

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jana Huber

Mrs. Jana Huber

Photo of Candice Lion

Mrs. Candice Lion

Educational Assistant

Photo of Shauna Tomkinson

Ms. Shauna Tomkinson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lynda Villecourt

Mrs. Lynda Villecourt

Educational Assistant